• Lightening fast and painstakingly optimised for speed
  • Resources are compressed and combined
  • Caching available for extra speed where required
  • Very low memory footprint


  • Built based on my experience of 15+ years working with clients
  • Built in a modular way using open source components so if something that does a job better comes along it can easily be replaced
  • Logs are generated to monitor your site’s performance

Good for clients

  • Host it yourself
  • No ongoing license fee — you get cubed™ as part of the cost of your website
  • You are making no commitment to use me in future — have another developer work on the site (so long as they do so within the terms of the license)

Search engine-friendly by default

  • Flexible URLs
  • sitemap.xml and robots.txt generated automatically
  • Canonical tags generated automatically
  • Forces the use of a single h1 tag on all HTML pages

Full control

  • Control which pages the search engines can access and which pages the search engines can index
  • Manage 301 redirects
  • Set the slug, meta title and meta description for an page


  • Blocks search engines automaticlly on certain pages to prevent duplicate content penalty
  • Dynamically creates the right robots.txt file for your environment to prevent your test site getting indexed — or your production site not getting indexed

Publish anything

  • Publish content of any type — not just blogs
  • All content is searchable via a natural language search
  • Content pages can be categorised and paginated
  • Add short URLs to your content

Multiple sites

  • Map multiple domains to your cubed™ installation
  • Run your site using the same design in multiple languages without any noticable difference in performance
  • Run sister sites (different domains and branding but with the same layout) from the same installation

Other good stuff

  • Send emails in HTML with plain text fallback
  • Integrate with your other systems (e.g. your CRM or accounts system)
  • Easily embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo
  • User management with permissions system

Form builder and validator

  • Form builder with customisable components
  • Forms are automatically validated
  • Accidental form re-submission prevented
  • CSRF protection built in


  • Two background unintrusive spam checks performed in the background
  • Customisable points-based and rule-based spam filtering system
  • Block form submissions based on IP address or email address

Workflow, log and reports

  • Keep a copy of all forms filled out
  • Log data each time a form is validated so you can analyse and improve your form
  • Be notified in real time, or at intervals, when a form is filled out
  • Customise workflow of forms to meet your needs

File uploads

  • Upload files through drag-and-drop
  • Order files through drag-and-drop
  • File names optimised and managed behind the scenes
  • Upload images, office files and archives


  • Crop and rotate images in the browser
  • Images are automatically resized and optimised in the background
  • Specify an alt tag for any of your images
  • Thumbnail image automatically created for each image


  • Store customised meta data for each file
  • Uneeded images files are automaticlly cleared in the background

Shopping cart

  • Flexible shopping cart that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your site
  • Works with Stripe out-of-the-box
  • Can be developed to work with any payment gateway

Discount and delivery

  • Discount engine that can be triggered by thresholds, product groups or basket value
  • Fixed or threshold-based delivery engine linked to your product price, weight, colume, etc


  • Take cards on your own site
  • Store customer cards for later purchases
  • Sell products and services via a subscription model


  • Runs in your browser
  • No special software required
  • Easily change site config and settings


  • Search and filter your content
  • Save drafts
  • Flexible content types
  • Automatically purge personal data per your data retention policy


  • Global activity log
  • Visual dashboard
  • Get support direct from the dashboard