No two sites are exactly the same. cubed™ allows you to get a site that has all the advantages of a custom website — like speed and flexibility — but with the development times of an off-the-shelf content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla! or Drpual.

cubed™ is a library, framework and CMS rolled into one. Greater than the sum of their parts, I called this software cubed™. cubed™ has been painstakingly designed to meet the needs of my clients — and is a distillation of years of experience working with lots of interesting people and companies.

Be seen.

Despite claims to the contrary, no CMS will market your services and products for you. However, a good one will certainly make that job easier for you.

cubed™ gently nudges you in the right direction when adding content and works in the background to make sure the right parts of your site are indexed and your sitemap.xml and robots.txt files are correct.

Your site, your way.

A site is only as good as its content. cubed™ doesn’t presuppose your content types: you can publish anything you want!

cubed™ also lets you partition your content. Do you need to run your site in multiple languages and across multiple servers and have sister sites driven from the same templates? No problem.

Lead generation done right.

Goodbye spam. cubed™ automatically performs unobstrusive spam checks in the background. It also prevent duplicate submissions and logs user interaction so you can fine-tune your forms.

You can also set up custom spam filters and block form submissions based on IP addresses, IP ranges and email addresses.

Headache-free file management.

Upload images, documents and archives with ease. Simply drag-and-drop your files into the browser and let cubed™ do the rest.

cubed™ also allows you to add additional data about your files, crop, rotate and resize images in the browser and arrange collections of files into image galleries and document groups.

Selling made easy.

Sell what you want, how you want. cubed™ integrates with Stripe out-of-the-box, which means you can take credit cards on your site and have your checkout pages designed how you want them.

cubed™ shopping basket comes with a delivery and discount engine. You can also take money via subscriptions and allow users to save their card details for future payments.

Sophisticated content management.

Publish things your way. cubed™ runs in your favourite web browser so you don’t need to install any special software. Simply log in from any device or computer and start managing your site.

Your cubed dashboard also comes with customisable reports and you can request support directly from the CMS home page.

I know what you’re thinking! Why would I want to use your CMS when there are plenty of other CMSs out there — and many of them are free! Aren’t you pushing your CMS on all your clients so you can make more money and tie me into using you indefinitely?

These are valid concerns. First of all, I have used many other CMSs and some of them are good. I do not recommend cubed™ to every client; I explore various options and recommend a CMS accordingly. Many of my competitors recommend WordPress for every job, even though there is almost always a better option.

cubed™ was born out of the fact that I have found mainstream CMSs lacking and often too generic to meet my clients' needs. Developing cubed™ has not been an exercise in convenience or making money. It has taken a lot of my time but it allows me to build sites of the highest quality. Reading the FAQs below should address the rest of your concerns.

How much is it?

If we decide to use cubed™ for your site then a license is included as part of what you would pay for the website anyway. There is no extra license fee to pay on top of what I quote you — nor are there any ongoing license fees.

Can I host it myself?

Yes! Some clients prefer me handling their hosting for them but, in general, I encourage clients to ensure their domain name(s) and hosting are in their name/their business name. This means if I get abducted by aliens and disappear off the face of the earth overnight, you still have full control of your site.

What if I want to use another developer?

You are free to do that so long as the site is used in accordance with the terms of the license.

Aren’t custom CMSs more expensive?

There is a common misconception that custom sites are more expensive since they take longer to build. cubed™ has been designed to offer the flexibiity, speed and power of bespoke sites while drastically reducing the development time. In that sense, cubed™ can offer the best of both worlds. It really depends on the site though; sometimes custom CMSs are better, sometimes they are not. The important point is we determine the right choice for you rather than, as some developers do, recommend the same solution regardless.