It seems like everyone is offering web design services these days.
Why use me?

I believe that not all websites should be created equal. Many so-called web professionals just use online website builders, hack away at cheap pre-made templates or create a patchwork of insecure Wordpress plugins and call it a website.

In such cases you, the client, are blissfully unaware your site is, at best, sluggish and not nearly as customised to meet the needs of your business as it could be. And at worst, a house of cards ready to crash or be hacked and fall into tiny pieces at the bottom of the search engine rankings.

I came to Leeds in 2000 to go to university and shortly after started learning how to design and build websites. I left with a First Class Honours Degree in Computing and worked as a designer and developer in a variety of roles until I was able to work for myself full-time.

When you use me to build your website you tap into all that knowledge and experience. The result is a website custom-made for your business right here in the UK.

Tim Bennett

What I do (and don’t do)

  • Tailor your website according on your business’s needs
  • Build your site to be friendly to both search engines and humans
  • Use open source libraries and frameworks to avoid re-inventing the wheel
  • Help you grow your website and business long term
  • Help you to find someone else if I’m not suitable for your project
  • Confuse you with technical jargon
  • Pretend that WordPress or Wix are good choices for your business
  • Outsource any web design or development or use purchased website templates
  • Recommend the same CMS for every project that comes my way
  • Charge you pointless monthly retainers

For agencies

Many agencies do not have the in-house web skills to cope with the high demand for web design and development. They find my comprehensive set of skills and experience to be invaluable in helping them to deliver their projects on time — and to a high standard.

Front-end development

I’m a dab hand at HTML5, SCSS/CSS3, JavaScript, ES2015/ES6, NPM, JSON, Browserify, Gulp.js, Vue JS and jQuery and its various plugins.

Back-end development

I have created my own object-oriented PHP CMS framework and am familiar with Yii and Laravel.


I have been using Photoshop for more than half my life and am competent with other Adobe apps like Illustrator and InDesign. I have used Sketch app since 2014.


I have experience with relational database systems using MySQL and MariaDB. I also have some experience with flat file databases.


I have used many CMSs including Shopify, CMSMS, concrete5, OpenCart, Craft CMS, Processwire and Grav. I have used WordPress but I no longer recommend it.

Servers, OSs

I have experience using MacOS, a variety of Linux distributions, git, WHM, cPanel, SSH, Bash and Apache web server.