General privacy information

Access to data is restricted to just me. I will never share with or sell to third parties other than for secure storage purposes as detailed below.

Cookies uses Google Analytics to collect statistical data. As of April 20 2018, no personal data is collected; your IP address is anonymised.

More information on Google Analytics

IP anonymisation in Analytics

Submitting an enquiry

When you submit an enquiry via your email is stored indefinitely for reasons of security and spam prevention.

Emails are managed by Google’s G Suite and Gmelius. Gmelius store email data on their servers to improve my communication with clients. Due to the nature of this service I cannot guarantee emails are stored on servers located within the EU.

Google and Gmelius store local copies of some emails on my computer and mobile devices, all of which are encrypted.

More information on Gmelius

Gmelius privacy policy

Determining project requirements

Any files sent to me while we discuss project requirements may be downloaded and stored on an encrypted hard drive.

If there are any files or emails that you send me that you do not want stored on my computer and cloud services after we have determined project requirements you must explicitly request that I delete them.

Before you become a client you will be asked to agree to a different set of terms, which will supersede this information.