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There are lot of things to consider when getting a website. If you’re contemplating having an online shop built then make no mistake: it requires a lot of thought. True, some eCommerce sites are merely a set of static products that link to their PayPal account. However, most are much more complicated. If you’re thinking about selling online here are some things to consider when getting an eCommerce site.

Product range

First and foremost, how will you present your product range online? How will you assign product codes? How will you handle different sizes, colours and types? How will you create or obtain sufficient imagery of your stock? For example, if you’re selling clothing will you need to show the customer different colours and materials? If you have fives sizes and five materials you would need twenty–five photos per product.


How will you calculate delivery? Will you do it based on size, weight, volume or distance? Or will it be a combination of these? Will you offer delivery thresholds that provide discounts for larger orders?

Discount codes, promotions, special offers and sales

If you want to run a sale how do you do it? Do you discount based on specific items, product ranges or combinations of items? What do you discount: percentages or fixed amounts? Or do you give away a free item when they enter a promotional code?

Account management

Do users have to create an account to purchase items? If you have account management facilities on your site what information will you store about them?

Payment gateway

Will you have payments deposited in your merchant bank account or will you use a third party to collect the funds (e.g. PayPal)? If you choose to connect the site to your business bank account will your bank allow this as such a facility is not available to everyone? Will you take credit card payments on your own site? If so, are you willing to pay for a server that is secure enough to handle this?

Stock control

Will the site include stock control functionality so when you run out of an item it is automatically removed from the site? If yes, will it integrate with any existing stock control system you’re using?

Running the site

Who will add the stock to the site? This can take some time; if you have five hundred products and adding a product takes ten minutes that means you need over eighty hours just to add the stock! Who will respond to any product queries? Who will be responsible for invoicing, picking, packing and shipping? Will the site need to generate invoices automatically?

As you can see, there’a a lot to think about. Don’t let if put you off though; to get an eCommerce site call me on 07843 483 078 or get a free quote online.

Tim Bennett is a web designer and developer. He has a First Class Honours degree in Computing from Leeds Metropolitan University and currently runs his own one-man web design company, Texelate.