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In the grand scheme of things domain names are incredibly cheap. They range from a few pounds per year to…a few pounds per year. If you need a domain name don’t be so financially shortsighted as to hold out buying it for such a small amount of money; you may regret it further down the line. In most cases, it is appropriate to have more than one domain name and point them all to the same site. Why? Well, here are the benefits of buying multiple domain names for the same website.

Different versions of the same name

My primary domain name is Yet if you key in, or (all the main generic domain name types) you’ll be sent to Why is that beneficial? People may have heard of Texelate but not visited the site before. Most people will Google the company name and find me at the top. However, some people will key the domain name straight into the address bar. Additionally, it further establishes your online presence for that name.

Stop anyone else from using it

Most importantly though, buying domain names (even if you don’t use them) prevents anyone else from using them. If you don’t snap up all the other versions of your domain name it could be very easy for someone else to buy them. If they do, this could spell two unpleasant scenarios for you.

Firstly, the could use the domain name and start ‘passing themselves off’ as your company. Legally, they probably don’t have the right to do this but do you really want to go through the headache of taking legal action against them?

Secondly, they can just leave the domain name pointing to nothing—something legally they can do if they want to—and charge you an exorbitant amount of money to buy it from them.

Preempt misspellings

If your domain name contains a word that is often misspelled it pays to buy the misspelled variants too. For example, ‘guarantee’ is one of the hundred most commonly misspelled words. If my domain name was I would also buy the domain (note the misspelling on the latter domain name).

You should also buy domains that include words that are different in US, UK and International English.

Never skimp on domain names. They cost very little but add huge value to your online presence. If someone else gets a domain name you want it is nigh impossible to get it off them—unless you’re will to pay through the nose for it. Plan ahead and buy as many as you think you need.

For help with your website and domain name call me on 07843 483 078 or get a free quote online.

Tim Bennett is a web designer and developer. He has a First Class Honours degree in Computing from Leeds Metropolitan University and currently runs his own one-man web design company, Texelate.