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Image resizing in ProcessWire tends to be done on a PageImage object. But what if you wish to manually create and resize an image? To do this you need to create an ImageSizer object instead. Use the following function to accomplish this.

function pwCreateDuplicateAdjustableImage($src, $dest) {

    if (file_exists($src) === false) {
        return false;
    // Duplicate the file
    \ProcessWire\wire('files')->copy($src, $dest);
    // See for why this is needed
    $dest = realpath($dest);
    return new \ProcessWire\ImageSizer($dest);

// Example
$img = pwCreateDuplicateAdjustableImage('./image-1.png', './image-2.png');

$img->resize(800, 600); // Or any function from
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