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Web design knowledge base

Answers to all your web design questions

This web design knowledge base contains 129 free web design articles.


 Agencies versus freelancers
 Classic website failures
 Don’t use a CMS shill to build your website
 How to make your company easier to contact online
 How to report a problem with your website
 Online portfolio tips
 Pointless or potentially dangerous website features
 Pre-website questions
 Should you make your website in Flash?
 Things that can get in the way of a good website
 Things to consider when getting a website
 Using open source JavaScript on your website: Licenses explained
 Why most web projects fail


 Can you use any font/typeface on your website?
 How to add photos to your website
 Using Mac peripherals on a PC
 Web design inspiration
 Web design versus print design
 What if you don’t like your web designer’s concept of your website?
 Your website looks pretty but…


 How is a website made responsive for mobiles and tablets?
 PHP’s mcrypt ciphers, block modes, block sizes and IVs compared
 Prevent Hotlinking Via Image Display
 Redirect entire domain
 Should you get your website built overseas?
 Should you make your website yourself?
 Should you use an open-source CMS to power your website?
 Spam prevention techniques
 The benefits of a bespoke website
 The importance of a test site

Website FAQs

 Can you upload video to your website?
 Should you get a friend or family member to build your website?
 What’s the difference between a web page and an email newsletter?
 What’s the difference between a Windows and a Linux website?
 Who owns the copyright to your website?
 Why have your website in your web designer’s portfolio?
 Why won’t a web designer work on your website?

Search engines/marketing

 10 SEO techniques that won’t help your website’s rankings
 301 redirects vs canonical tags for duplicate content
 Can you use Wikipedia to build backlinks?
 Do you need to pay to SEO your website?
 How a content management system can ruin your search engine positions
 How to effectively use search engines to promote your website
 Is SEO automatically included in a website quote?
 When is the next PageRank update?
 Why can’t you see your recently launched site in Google?

Hosting and emails

 Hosting packages explained
 How to backup your website and database with cPanel
 How to buy shared hosting from Clook
 How to create a good email signature
 How to prevent spam form submissions
 How to spot spam emails: the obvious and the not so obvious
 How to stop Indian SEO spam emails with cPanel
 Questions to ask before choosing a web hosting company
 Should you backup your own website?
 Should you send email newsletters out from your own computer?
 Should you use a web company who email you out of the blue?
 The dangers of cheap web hosting
 Things to consider when creating a HTML newsletter
 What’s the difference between a domain name and web hosting?
 Why do you have to pay for web hosting?


 Choosing an eCommerce Platform: Hosted, Off-the-Shelf or Bespoke?
 eCommerce explained: How to sell online
 Things to consider when getting an eCommerce site
 Things to consider when running eCommerce discounts

Domain names

 How to choose a domain name
 The benefits of buying multiple domain names for the same website


 How to build a good content management system
 How to change your web designer
 How to get a web designer to work with you
 How to make a rubbish website
 How to make a user-friendly website
 How to make a website easier to navigate
 How to prevent a web designer/web design company costing you money
 How to send email from any POP3 account via Gmail
 How to spot a good web design portfolio


 How and when will you have to pay for your website?
 Should you disclose your web design budget?
 The importance of a web design contract
 The importance of a website in a recession
 The true cost of cheap websites
 Why are there no prices on my website?
 Why do web design quotes differ so much?
 Why do you have to pay a deposit to start your website project?
 Will you have to pay for updates to your website?

Blogging, writing and website content

 How bloggers can learn from novelists
 How to add a good contact form to your website
 How to make your website’s text easy to read
 How to write tutorials that add benefit to your website
 Programs to switch of while you’re working
 The benefits of having a blog on your website
 Things you should know about your site’s WYSIWYG editor
 What you should blog about
 Who is responsible for the text on your website?
 Why I probably won’t use WordPress for your website
 Write it right: how to add words to your website

Guest posts

 A website is more than just good design
 How to be annoyed with your clients

Resources for other web designers/developers

 Add a click event to html or body on iOS using jQuery
 Blurred reflections in Photoshop
 Calculate VAT with PHP
 Convert PHP strings for use as JavaScript strings
 Create a GUID with PHP
 Create a search engine-friendly slug/URL from a string using PHP
 Dynamic/automatic robots.txt file with PHP and .htaccess
 Generate a country drop down using PHP
 Get plain text intro from HTML using PHP
 Get remote web page info with PHP
 Get the size of a MySQL database with PHP
 Getting file information with PHP
 Glossy metal text in Photoshop
 How PHP treats booleans
 How to set up Synergy on Mac OS X and Ubuntu
 How to test for empty strings in PHP
 jQuery Vertical Align Function
 jQuery: Convert text input to URL/slug
 jQuery: What’s the difference between height, innerHeight and outerHeight?
 Link Colorbox directly to YouTube
 Maintain aspect ratio on embedded videos with jQuery
 MySQLi wrapper for mysql_result()
 Only allow arbitrary characters in a string using PHP
 PHP fix for CSS letter-spacing making text underline/border too wide
 PHP format file size
 Relative 301 redirects with Apache
 Retaining PNG transparency with PHP GD
 Send an email attachment with PHP
 Simple jQuery Sliding FAQs
 View source code using PHP
 What you need to know about PHP’s internal character encoding